Preventative Maintenance of Commercial Heating and Cooling Equipment

Preventative Maintenance of Commercial Heating and Cooling Equipment

DESCO Services offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for all types of applications and systems of commercial and industrial heating systems and air conditioning units. There is a small cost to preventive maintenance but also an extreme value in this service. It is an investment that almost always saves you much more money in the future. By regularly scheduled maintenance inspections our technicians are able to keep equipment running at peak efficiency. Problems can be identified early to prevent escalating to major issues.

With a Regular Scheduled Program Our Technicians Will Perform:

  • Filters changes
  • Complete inspection of each unit
  • Check refrigerant charges on air conditioning and heat pump units
  • Make sure combustion levels are correct
  • Check flame operations on heating units
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Clean condenser coils annually
  • Making sure belts and bearings are tight, lubricated and aligned
  • Ensure proper functioning of overall systems
  • And more as required per system applications

Preventive maintenance programs for commercial/industrial buildings and HVAC systems are tailored for each specific application.

Preventive Maintenance Helps Your HVAC Systems to Operate at Peak Efficiency:

  • Anticipate and avoid costly downtime
  • Provide equipment longevity
  • Opportunity to provide energy savings alternatives
  • Address improper design and/or installation issues which result in poor performance and/or comfort issues

As equipment ages our technical support team will keep you aware of lifetime cycles and when it is in your best interests to consider replacement or retrofit.  Call DESCO Services today for a free no obligation quote to provide preventive maintenance for your building in Hanover at 717-637-2216 in York at 717 846-3384 in Gettysburg at 717-337-3053 or toll free at 877-265-9764.