Do It Your Self Heating and Cooling and Refrigeration Repair

DIY – Do It Your Self HVAC and Refrigeration

DIY stands for do it yourself. It basically means you buy the materials and do the installation or repair yourself. Desco Services lends a helpful hand to this process, which can help customers save hundred, even thousands of dollars.

Looking to save money?

For homeowners who are looking to save some money, Desco Services offers a variety of do-it-yourself options. However, we do not just sell you items and send you on your way. Our team will design a system for you and then you will be able to do the majority of the installation yourself. We will still install any hookups that require installation by a licensed professional. That generally involves the final hookups for refrigeration, electrical control wiring or gas connections.

The do-it-yourself tasks that can be done by customers include the following:

  • Removal of old equipment
  • Putting new equipment in place
  • Duct connections

One of our technicians will then come out and inspect the installation to ensure it is in proper working order. We will then make all the final connections so that you can enjoy the comfort of your new system while saving money.

The DIY customer could save thousands

Customers can save thousands of dollars on labor by utilizing our do-it-yourself options. Our full design service will provide you with all the materials needed for installation. The job is then in your hands before we come in and provide a final stamp of approval.

If you are looking to install your own heating system or cooling system, Desco Services is the right choice. While we may not be doing the actual installation, we remain involved with the process. To get started on your next DIY project, call us in Hanover at 717-637-2216, in Gettysburg at 717-337-3053 or in York at 717-846-3384 to discuss your your DIY options.