Ventilation Service and Installation

Commercial Ventilation

Commercial ventilation can an important part of a business. When you start to experience any kind of problems in this area, DESCO Services is your one-stop solution. Our team of technicians provide a vast selection of repair and installation options. Whatever kind of air control system is currently being used in your commercial building, we can deliver a solution. DESCO Services can design, repair, install and coordinate ventilation system repairs and installations of all kinds.

DESCO Services offers a wide range of ventilation options for commercial use.

Some Of Our Ventilation Options Includeheat-exchanger

  •  Heat recovery ventilators
  •  Energy recovery ventilators

What these types of ventilators do is exchange air from the commercial or office space and exhaust it outside while bringing fresh air back inside simultaneously. That process actually exchanges the heating or cooling back into the incoming air. The process does not just transfer in air at 100% humidity at 90 degrees back into the building. As the air is exhausting, it is transferring the energy to the incoming air.

More Benefits and Services That Come with Commercial Ventilation by DESCO Services:

  •  Maintain an efficiency level for required air exchanges in commercial buildings.
  •  Incorporating ventilation into a duct system, rooftop system or stand-alone unit.
  •  Exhausting options for any type of room.
  •  Installation of hoods in commercial kitchens for proper ventilation.
  •  Installation of make up air units and air exchange units.

At DESCO Services, our job is not finished until our customers are 100% satisfied. Once we complete an industrial ventilation job, you can be certain that your ventilation system satisfies every quality control principle. It will make for a much more efficient commercial space and your business will continue to save big on monthly utility bills. Contact DESCO Services today at 717-846-3384 or 717-637-2216 or 717-337-3053.  We service most of Central PA including York, Hanover and Gettysburg PA.