Preventative Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Preventative Heating and Air Conditioning Service

DESCO Services offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for all kinds of residential heating systems and air conditioning units. There is a small cost to preventive maintenance but there is also an extreme value in this service. It is an investment that almost always winds up saving you much more money in the future.

By inspecting your system, our trained professional technicians are able to identify problems early on before they can escalate into major issues. Our preventative maintenance program will extend the life and longevity of your equipment by keeping it clean and running efficiently. That is done by catching problems early and saving you from having to pay high repair bills.

What Is Included?coil-maintenance

Our typical preventive maintenance package will include the following services:

  • Complete inspection of the unit
  • Checking refrigerant charge on air conditioning units
  • Making sure combustion levels are correct
  • Checking flame on a heating unit
  • Inspecting all electrical connections
  • Cleaning of condenser coils when needed
  • Making sure bearings are tight and lubricated
  • Ensuring proper functioning of overall system

It pays to have the reliability of a fully-serviced air conditioning or heating system. Pay a little today and save a whole lot tomorrow with DESCO Services. Call today!  Hanover 717-637-2216 or Gettysburg 717-337-3053 or York PA offices 717-846-3384 or toll free 877-265-9764.